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  • Water main repair to start 6th September

    Wev'e been told that a new pipe to bypass the leaking water main is to be laid starting on Saturday 6th September.  The work is expected to take 2-3 days and the water supply is likely to be interrupted for at least some of that time.

  • Tramworks Update

    It seems that the plan to close the junction at the south-western end of University Boulevard completely one weekend has been modified, so that traffic will still be able to flow between it and Woodside Road in both directions, but Queens Road East will be cut-off.  This leaflet gives further information: the closure will be on the weekend of 30th-31st August (during the AC Open Weekend).

  • Report of Annual Tournament

    Peter Death has submitted the following report of the August Week, which he managed:

    Thirty three players took part in the Nottingham week, ranging in handicap from -2 to 20, and in age from 12 to 80+. There were three parent-child combinations among the competitors - Ian and Euan Burridge, Peter and James Death, and Beatrice and Sophie McGlen: is this a record?

    The torrential showers which affected part of the Midlands during the week missed the croquet club, and a full week's play was possible.

    Event 1, The Robin Hood Cup (handicap singles) had 32 entries and was played as a flexible Swiss until Thursday night, when the top 8 were drawn into a knockout

    Semi-finals: Bob Thompson (3.5) beat Peter Moore (2) +5

    Ian Draper (10) beat Omied Hallam (1) +10

    Final: Draper beat Thompson +16

    Event 2, Open Singles had 11 entries. Played as a flexible Swiss until Friday, when the top 4 were drawn into a knockout

    Semi-finals: James Death beat John Davis +26tp +24tp

    Ian Burridge beat Ian Vincent +24 +14tp

    Final: James Death beat Ian Burridge +25qp +6oqp -16tp -14otp +26tp

    The 5-game final took just over 3.5 hours, and the final game was a 4th turn triple from James. As the scoreline shows, both players played to an extremely high standard.

    Event 3, B Level Singles (handicap 3+, advanced play), had 7 entries, played as an American block followed by a play-off between the 3 players who tied for first place

    Semi-final: Roger Staples beat Barbara Young +2

    Final: Roger Staples beat Cliff Daniel +24

    Event 4, C Level Singles (handicap 8+, Ordinary Level Singles), had 7 entries, played as an American block followed by a play-off between the top 2 and ties

    Semi-final: Anna Giraud beat Jane Collier +6t

    Final: Anna Giraud beat Ann Brookes +1t

    Event 5, D Handicap Singles (handicap 14+, full bisque base 10), had 5 entries, played as an American block followed by a play-off between the top 2 and ties

    Semi-final: Sophie McGlen beat Rena Souten +16

    Final: Sophie McGlen beat Judith Moore +11

    Event 6, Handicap Doubles has 14 pairs, played as a straight knockout

    Semi-finals: David Brydon & Beatrice McGlen beat Ann Brookes & Jane Collier +13

    Omied Hallam & Ian Draper beat Clive Goode & Derek Buxton +10

    Final: Hallam & Draper beat Brydon & McGlen +8

    It was noticeable that the traditional pairings of high handicap players with scratch or minus players did not survive the first round. The general consensus was that the new handicapping experiment has gone too far: a pairing of a 20 handicap with a -2 ought not to be giving a half bisque to a 1.5 and a 4.

  • Beatrice McGlen gains Gold Award

    Congratulations to Beatrice McGlen on gaining a Gold Award for completing a triple peel in the open singles event of the annual week.   James Death won the best of 5 final against Ian Burridge, in a possibly record time of 215 minutes.  Euan Burridge would have gained a Bronze Award, for completing a 10 hoop break with bisques, but for the fact that the regulations for it changed for this season. 

  • Club Social: pictures and quiz answers

    The very enjoyable Golf Croquet social managed by Cathy Turski included a quiz, with players' names as answers, which are given below.  Christine Edwards also provided a quiz: watch this space for the results of that.  Many thanks to Michael and Irmgard Finnigan for the Barbecue, and to Linda Death for the photo.  Earlier in the day, Justine Snieder took shots of the players, which are available via this link.





    Handy with a whistle –

    Played & lost to Michael Adams (British Chess Grandmaster) -

    Ian Burridge

    Super star, hockey playing beauty

    Viv Staley

    Got engaged at 18 for a bottle of bubbly – but you can’t ring her now – total age of children 147

    Eileen Buxton



    Had to be rescued by the police when locked in the loo – loves a Big Bang – favourite holiday was afloat

    Margaret Shah

    Is ‘apealing’ – born in Sussex, first played croquet in Ireland

    Ian Vincent

    Won a trophy for tennis – was a witness in a murder trial – daughter just a tiny 1.14oz at birth

    Sue Wileman

    Loves the seaside - Ophidiophobe - and you may come across that word in her other love

    Sylvia Lockett

    Misguided football fan (right colours, wrong team) saw Michelle Obama visiting D-Day landing beaches

    Euan Burridge

    Almost spotted with the Beatles – has a tortoise

    David Brydon



    Went to school in Hong Kong, has 5 brothers and sisters – made loads of dough as a youngster, worked at flying high

    Beatrice McGlen

    Loves sailing with the wind in his hair (if it stays on!) Parents representated the Caravan Club at a garden party at Buckingham Palace

    Andrew Beaumont

    Mr International, knows more footballers than you’ve had hot dinners – plays the Sax

    Derek Blow



    An early Christmas present – will de-clutter you and dust your cooker

    Carol Scott

    Born in Dublin but reached the heights of Kilimanjaro to shake hands with Edna Kenny (An Taoiseach) – has a West Highland Terrier

    Adrian Byrne

    Comes from Belfast – has a Hong Kong connection – shook hands with John Major

    Roger Berkeley

    A Pyromaniac with the voice of an angel? Its all down to the BB

    Bob Thompson

    Another voice – studies Italian while planting her seeds

    Sue Dean



    Once you have worked out the above (not very sensible or gramatical sentence – please return your forms to …..

    Was he one of the railway children? – He played table tennis with Donald Campbell and received a Norwegian Army bronze award for Biathlon

    Michael Finnegan

    Another fan of skiing – she shook hands with Maggie and was the Golden Shot ‘Markswoman of the Week’

    Eileen Bardens


    Thank you all for taking part – who knew that we had such interesting, accomplished, wonderful people playing croquet with us!


    Apologies if I have missed anyone out – if I’ve missed off some of your facts – or turned some slightly around – again apologies


    Have Fun!!




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