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  • Watford beat Nottingham 4-3 in Murphy Shield Final

    The Northampton club kindly hosted the final of the Murphy Shield on their lawns in front of St Andrew's hospital. They had a good surface, with firm hoops, and the pronounced slope down from the East to the West boundaries added an extra dimension to the game.

    On paper, the two teams looked evenly matched, and so it proved. The two morning singles were shared, both finishing before the second game of the doubles had got under-way, the first having taken well over an hour with some closely contested hoops. The Nottingham pair eventually took the second as well. Lunch was taken on the hoof, in view of the forecast for heavy rain, which thankfully did not materialise.

    John Bee beat Eileen Buxton comfortably to level the match, then John Smallbone beat Kath Wright 7-6 in the third to give Watford the lead. Ian Vincent looked to be going down to his more experienced (at GC at least) opponent Steve Dennis, but clawed back to take the second at the 13th hoop and won the third to level the match again. That left Geoff Johnson and Patricia Duke-Cox on the lawn, with the rest of us nervously watching. As with the senior Inter-Club event, it all went down to the 13th hoop of the final game. Patricia got into the jaws, but Geoff cleared her from behind the hoop, leaving the way clear for his other ball to score it.

    Sadly, John Handy, who has been managing the inter-club events for the last few years, and had given the trophy, was unable to come, so the Nottingham Secretary switched to his CA role to present the Murphy Shield to the Watford captain.

    Results with Watford names first:

    Steve Dennis & Geoff Johnson lost to Ian Vincent & Patricia Duke-Cox 3-7 5-7
    John Smallbone bt Eileen Buxton 7-6 7-4
    John Bee lost to Kath Wright 1-7 5-7

    Steve Dennis lost to Ian Vincent 7-5 6-7 4-7
    Geoff Johnson bt Patricia Duke-Cox 2-7 7-3 7-6
    John Smallbone bt Kath Wright 7-5 4-7 7-6
    John Bee bt Eileen Buxton 7-3 7-3

  • Nottingham win Secretary's Shield

    The final of the Secretary's Shield was hosted by Wrest Park on their new lawns, which are reached by turning left from the drive as you enter the park. They have a much larger pavilion, with electricity and running water, and no need for a bicycle to reach the toilet! There are currently three lawns, but ground is being prepared for a fourth: turf was being lifted and replaced to remove a slight ridge to the side of one of the existing lawns during the afternoon. The soil appeared to be sandy rather than clay, so should be better drained. There is an expansive view of farmland. The club was very hospitable, providing some excellent cakes for tea.

    Nottingham won the two morning singles, but Enfield won the doubles by 2 after pegging out Omied with his partner on rover, when for 1 and peg. Omied narrowly but quickly won his afternoon singles, then Dan Greenaway finished to give Nottingham their third successive shield, equalling the record set by Bowdon some years ago.

    Results with Nottingham names first:

    Omied Hallam (1.5) & Dan Greenaway (9) lost to Ken Pickett (2.5) & Brian Havill (8) -2
    Ian Draper (20) bt Brian Dawes (9) +19
    Philippine Hallam (20) bt David Frost (18) +12t

    Omied Hallam bt Ken Pickett +4
    Dan Greenaway bt Brian Havill +16
    Philippine Hallam bt Brian Daws +5t
    Ian Draper bt David Frost +4t

  • Irmgard Finnigan won GC C Level

    Nottingham Croquet Club and The Federation Of East Midlands Croquet Clubs held another “C” Level golf croquet Tournament for players of handicaps 7-12, contested by 24 players from ten Clubs. The outright winner was
    Irmgard Finnigan from Nottingham Club: Cathy Turski and Bob White, also of Nottingham Club, were joint second.
    Grateful thanks to Lorna Orton and Pam Smart for providing an excellent lunch and tea.  The Tournament Manager was Eileen Buxton.

  • Adrian Byrne won Jim Kirby Cup

    Judith Moore wrote: The Jim Kirby Beginners’ Tournament started on a chilly note but became increasingly warm and lovely as the day progressed. As manager Peter Moore commented, the standard from all competitors was particularly high this year. Adrian Byrne was the clear champion by dint of intensively careful play, with 3 out of 3 wins.

  • Noittingham out of Inter-Club

    Colchester beat Nottingahm 4-3 to meet Cheltenham in the final of the AC Inter-Club.

    On a glorious sunny day at home, Nottingham went 2-0 down before Sanaa won the other singles game before lunch. Ian and Debbie won in the afternoon to take us 3-2 ahead, but Rob and Colin won in quick succession to put us out of the event.  

    Paddy Chapman & Ian Lines lost to Ian Burridge & Rob Fulford -17tp (F)
    Debbie Cornelius lost to Colin Hemming -3
    Sanaa Hallam bt Steve Woolnough +16

    Paddy Chapman  lost to  Rob Fulford -8tp
    Ian Lines bt Ian Burridge +17
    Debbie Cornelius bt Steve Woolnough +23
    Sanaa Hallam lost to  Colin Hemming -16


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