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  • Nottingham beat Hunstanton in Murphy Shield

    Nottingham eventually won 5-2 at home against Hunstanton on a warm, but overcast, day, with the hills starting to show as the lawns finally dry out.

    Results with Nottingham names first: 

    Ian Vincent & Kath Wright lost to David Thirtle-Watts & Terrey Sparks 7-4 3-7 2-7
    Chris Jackson bt Tony Lee 7-3 7-5
    Omied Hallam bt Derek Cole 7-2 7-3
    Ian Vincent bt David Thirtle-Watts 7-5 7-4
    Kath wright bt Terrey Sparks 7-4 7-2
    Chris Jackson lost to Derek Cole 4-7 6-7
    Omied Hallam bt Toney Lea 7-3 7-0

  • Nottingham beat Pendle and Craven in Mary Rose

    Nottingham won the first four games to finish to retain its interest in the Mary Rose.  We play Chester in the next round.

    Nottingham, July 2
    Nottingham beat Pendle & Craven 6-1
    (Nottingham names first)
    Ian Vincent and Omied Hallam beat Robert Essler and Roger Schofield +7
    Martin Beacon beat Andrew Webb +17
    Peter Moore beat John Filsak +20
    Ian Vincent beat Robert Essler +20
    Omied Hallam lost to Roger Schofield -5
    Martin Beacon beat John Filsak +11
    Peter Moore beat Andrew Webb +4

  • Rachel Rowe now an AC minus player

    Rachel Rowe showed that she can play Association, as well as Golf, Croquet to a high standard by wining her first game in the East Midlands Championship with a triple peel, to gain her CA Gold Award, completing another the same day, and ending the event with a handicap of -1/2.  Omied Hallam completed three triples, coming down to 1, and David Brydon also had a successful weekend, despite being ranked well below the rest of the field.

    The Hopewell Cup was won by Jack Wicks, from Colchester, with Alain Giraud, from Ealing, the runner up.

    Many players thanked the members who catered: Bob Thompson, Ailsa Lines and Beatrice McGlen, for the quality of the food: in particular our Australian visitor commented that it was much better than the sandwiches they subsisted on at tournaments back home! I would also add my thanks to the members and visitors how helped wash and clear up at the end of each day.

  • Watford beat Nottingham in Longman Cup

    Nottingham hosted Watford in a close match in the Longman Cup, but ended up being over-generous to the visitors, who went home with a 4-3 win.  The results, with Watford names first, were:

    Mark Homan (7) & Nick Archer (14) beat Patricia Duke Cox (8) & Ian Dovey (8) +4

    Alan Clark (6) lost to Ian Draper (14) -17

    Andre Machell (16) lost to Michael Finnigan (5) -3

    Alan Clark (6) beat Michael Finnigan (5) +10

    Mark Homan (7) beat Patricia Duke-Cox (8) +24

    Nick Archer (14) beat Ian Dovey (8) +26

    Andre Machell (16) lost to Ian Draper (14) -13

    Our two remaining teams in the various inter-club competitions play Pendle & Craven on Wednesday 2nd July in the Mary Rose and Hunstanton the following day in the Murphy Shield, both at home.  Support welcome!

  • Nottingham relinquish Secretary's Shield

    Bowdon beat Nottingham 5-2 in the Secretary's Shield, to end our 3-year run of winning the competition.  The results, with Bowdon names first, were:

    Barry Keen(3) and David Holland(6) lost to James Death(-2) and Sue Wilemen(11) -8 tpo

    Adam Swinton(6) bt Ian Draper(14) +1

    Graham Good(14) bt Omied Hallam(1.5) +14

    Barry Keen by James Death +22

    Adam Swinton lost to Omied Hallam -12

    David Holland bt Sue Wilemen +5

    Graham Good bt Ian Draper +15





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