• Beatrice McGlen wins Southport & Birkdale Super B

    Southport Super B and B level Tournament Posted on July 22, 2018 by Ray Lowe

    Southport Super B and B Level Tournament 21/22 July 2018 

    Sixteen players from across the land assembled under grey Southport skies for this annual tournament. The recent rain was a gift from above for the parched lawns after the recent hit spell, which had now regained their green colour. The Super B was an ‘all play all’ format whilst the B Level was played as a ‘Swiss’ format. The players forming two very competitive events managed by John Haslam. Competitors: Super B – Martin Beacon (2 Nottingham); Kevin Carter (o Surbiton); Andy Dibbon (o Surbiton); Edward Dymock (2.5 Surbiton); Michael Finnigan (3 Nottingham); Clive Goode (0.5 Nottingham); Derek Knight (1.5 Beverley); Beatrice McGlen (0 Nottingham);

    B Level – Jim Allcock (5 Crake); Graham Good (7 Bowdon); David Lloyd (4.5 Crake); Sophie McGlenn (9 Nottingham); Alan Pidcock (3 Southport); Michael Steer (5 Bowdon); Sylvia Steer (6 Bowdon); Don Williamson (3 Southport).

    The Super B was won by Beatrice Mc Glen from Nottingham with the Runner Up being Clive Goode also from Nottingham. Beatrice also had a handicap reduction to -0.5.

  • Richard Bilton wins Nottingham GC Championship

    Rachel Gee reports that 20 players gathered at Nottingham to compete this year's Golf Croquet Championshipplayed on Sat/Sun 14-15th July in conditions almost 10 degrees warmer than the previous year! After a gruelling day on Saturday, Richard Bilton and Ian Burridge had topped their blocks, neither dropping a game. Good performances from Mark Daley and Peter Dowd placed them second in their blocks, whilst Rachel Gee came fourth in her block, setting up a quarter final with Ian. Rachel eventually won against Ian in three games, all of which were characterised by carefully considered shots. Rachel then went on to beat Peter Dowd in three games in her semi-final. On the other side of the draw, a formidably in-form Richard had quickly overpowered Tim King and then Mark Daley to secure his place in the final. Richard continued his good form and solid hoop running to clinch his first Ascot Cup qualifier, becoming the first player to win the Nottingham Golf Croquet Championship without losing a single game.

  • Nottingham players selected for CA Events (AC / GC)

    The CA selectors have chosen the following AC/GC Nottingham players :-

    Barlow Bowl (AC) - Beatrice McGlen

    Longman Bowl (AC) - Sophie McGlen

    to be played 11-12 Aug at Cheltenham


    Musk Cup (GC) - Richard Bilton, Ian Burridge & Rachel Gee

    to be played 25-27 Aug at Ramsgate


    Kate Jones Memorial (GC) - Euan Burridge

    to be played 25-27 Aug at Canterbury


  • Nottingham 5-2 Enfield (Longman Cup)

    Nottingham beat Enfield 5-2 in the Second round of the Longman Cup.

    Mark Lansdale (Nottm) reports on the Longman Cup second Round match, played on July 6th, at Enfield.

    In baking hot conditions, Nottingham CC beat Enfield 5-2.  
    Enfield names first:
    Ken Pickett (3.5) & Michael Broadway (12) lost to Viv Staley (12) and Elisabeth Bridges (14) 13-15
    John Street (8) lost to Alex McIntyre (14)                        6-26
    David Frost (4) beat Mark Lansdale (14)                        21-19
    Ken Pickett (3.5) lost to Viv Staley (12)                           15-18
    John Street (8) beat Elisabeth Bridges (14)                    25-19
    David Frost(4) lost to Alex McIntyre (14)                       15-26
    Michael Broadway (12) lost to Mark Lansdale (14)      16-17
    Special mention for Alex who managed to overcome the conditions, including the heat to win both of his two games within time.
    Nottingham now await either Letchworth or Colchester in the quarter-finals.
  • David Maugham won the East Midlands Championship

    From a quick look at the trophy, which was donated by Gordon Hopewell when the event was inaugurated in 1997, David Maugham has now won it for the sixth time. His most interesting game en-route to the play-off was the final of the process, in which he beat Alain Giraud +1tpo, after pegging two balls out when the others were both for hoop 1. No recourse was needed to the impasse regulations.

    It was being played on lawn 1, which had been measured the previous day at 13.5 uphill: there were patches on the former bowls greens that were considerable faster. The groundsman has already turned the irrigation back on in the hope of saving some of the grass.

    The play-off against the winner of the draw, Jenny Clarke was less interactive: Dave won +17 in a normal advanced rules game, Jenny having declined the offer of playing super-advanced. Given that the play-off didn't start before tea, a single game was thought prudent if there was to be anyone left to see the end of it. Andrew Gregory let several trains go in order to commentate on the finals. Nick Mounfield won the plate, beating Alison Jones in the final.

    The full entry of 32 enjoyed virtually unbroken warm sunshine, Robin Hood beer from the Nottingham Brewery, and catering provided by Beatrice McGlen, and Ellen and Malcolm Gee. Many thanks to the club members who have stocked the bar, cleared up the empties and worked hard to re-occupy the pavilion after the interrupted restoration work over the winter.

    A final thought is that almost half the field were thought to be under 50, so there is some hope for top-class AC yet.

    Ian Vincent



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