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  • Northampton players win GC Tournaments

    Leslie Heard won the GC B Level tournament on Wednesday 16th July and Lionel Tibble the (rain affected) Open one on 19th-20th July, beating Rachel Rowe in the final.  Both the winners play at the Northampton club.

  • Garden Croquet Tournament

    The first ever garden croquet tournament at Nottingham Croquet Club took place on July 12th on a blisteringly hot Saturday. Eight new members competed over four rounds of timed games. The standard of play was excellent considering that the competitors only started playing croquet two months ago. About half of the games were pegged out within the 1 hour 20 minutes time limit.


    Tournament manager Peter Moore with competitors Kellie Preston, Carol Scott, Andy Dixon, Eileen Bardens, Colin Muge, Alex McIntyre, Josh McIntyre and Jan Draper.

    Very well done to all the competitors, especially the winner, Alex McIntyre …


    … and the runner up Carol Scott.

    Tournament report and photos by Judith Moore.

  • James and Paddy in Opens Semi-Finals

    James Death plays Reg Bamford and Paddy Chapman plays Rob Fulford to see whether the younger generation will be able to overturn the established order to reach the final of the AC Open Championship.  The matches are being played at Cheltenham today, Saturday, 12th July, at Cheltenham.  There is likely to be commentary at

    In the event, the old guard won both matches: Bamford bt Death 3-0 and Fulford bt Chapman 3-1.

  • Nottingham beat Hunstanton in Murphy Shield

    Nottingham eventually won 5-2 at home against Hunstanton on a warm, but overcast, day, with the hills starting to show as the lawns finally dry out.

    Results with Nottingham names first: 

    Ian Vincent & Kath Wright lost to David Thirtle-Watts & Terrey Sparks 7-4 3-7 2-7
    Chris Jackson bt Tony Lee 7-3 7-5
    Omied Hallam bt Derek Cole 7-2 7-3
    Ian Vincent bt David Thirtle-Watts 7-5 7-4
    Kath wright bt Terrey Sparks 7-4 7-2
    Chris Jackson lost to Derek Cole 4-7 6-7
    Omied Hallam bt Toney Lea 7-3 7-0

  • Nottingham beat Pendle and Craven in Mary Rose

    Nottingham won the first four games to finish to retain its interest in the Mary Rose.  We play Chester in the next round.

    Nottingham, July 2
    Nottingham beat Pendle & Craven 6-1
    (Nottingham names first)
    Ian Vincent and Omied Hallam beat Robert Essler and Roger Schofield +7
    Martin Beacon beat Andrew Webb +17
    Peter Moore beat John Filsak +20
    Ian Vincent beat Robert Essler +20
    Omied Hallam lost to Roger Schofield -5
    Martin Beacon beat John Filsak +11
    Peter Moore beat Andrew Webb +4


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