• Club AGM Summary

    Ian Vincent presided over the club's 89th AGM held in the Beeston Hockey Club with 30 members in attendance.
    The meeting stood for a minutes silence in recognision of the passing of Don Martin and John Handy.
    All officers and committee members were elected unopposed to serve another year, Ian Vincent - President, Roger Berkeley - Hon. Treasurer, Bob Thompson - Hon. Treasurer, Beatrice McGlen - Chairman, Diana Plant, Miranda Chapman, James Death and Ian Draper. 
    Lorna Orton had been nominated and was duly elected to be the Examiner of Accounts.
    Michael Finnigan had been nominated and was unanimously as elected Vice - President.
    Viv Staley had volunteered to take on the role of Membership Secretary, members with changes to their handicap should inform Viv who will in turn inform the CA Office to update their database. 
    Martin Beacon had volunteered to collect meal and bar fees from tournament visitors.
    Highfields Park restoration works - the City Councils project manager had been invited to address the meeting but had not been able to attend. After the club had been promised various dates for the works to restart have come and gone without any change, we are now promised that at least one pavilion if not both will be available for our use from 30th April.
    Lawns - the ditches and paths between the bowling green lawns have been dug out, filled and seeded. The areas are very soft and are to be protected during the coming season.
    Lease - at long last the City Council have forwarded details of a 35 year lease that the club's negotiating team are happy to put to members. It is proposed that the lease will increase incrementally ......from the present £12k to £15k over the forthcoming years, the club being responsible for gas and electricity charges......the club will buy materials such as top dressing, fertilizer, chemicals and grass seed etc. estimated costs of £5k - £6k per year.
    Layby parking - the club's caterers are now to be allowed to park in the layby, parking permits will be issued to members on the day. Blue badge holders will also be allowed to park.
    Subscriptions - Roger had suggested that all subs be increased by £5, making the full membership £150 etc....with individual tea & coffee increases to 50p and a season cost £20. Lunches to be £12
    Ian Draper would be overseeing this seasons coaching, a coaching programme will be circulated in due course. 
    David Brydon would once again be organising the 4 week Play to Learn course.....with follow up AC/GC coaching. 
    Viv Staley will be holding a refresher course on Sunday 6th May 10:00 - 17:00.
    Beatrice McGlen will be asking members to put their cullinary skills to good use and help out on the catering scene.
    13th August, first day of the Annual Week will be the 90th anniversary of the club - suggestions are requested how best could the club celebrate on the day.
    Nottingham have been asked to host the 2019 U21 GC World Championships, to be run over 5 days. Beatrice has set up an organised committee, however voulunteers will be needed, so please contact Beatrice if you are able to help.
    Members wanting to order clothing should contact Viv Staley.
    All members wishing to play in the club competitions should contact James Death.
    Carol Scott asked that members show a very big thank you to the negotiating team dealing with the lease, they had all spent a great deal of their own personnel time and indeed frustration in coming to the present situation, members gave a warm round of applause. 
    Ian Vincent closed the meeting after wishing members an enjoyable season.
  • Start of Season Postponed

    Although the AGM will be held at 11am tomorrow, Saturday 14th April, it will be in the Hockey Club rather than the pavilion and we will be unable to play afterwards.  This is due to the continued embargo on our use of the pavilions following the failure of Carillion, who were restoring them, and the poor state of the lawns as a result of the miserable spring weather.

    The situation is not unprecedented.  The first minute book records, for the club's opening season in 1929, that: "It was decided that owing to the unfavourable weather the lawns would not be ready for play until May 15th".  Hopefully we will be back in action before then, and all the more enthusiastic following our extended break.

  • Nottingham beat Roehampton 4-2 (AC Inter Club)

    Nottingham beat Roehampton in the first round of the Inter-Club Championship


    Richard White bt Chris Roberts +18

    John Davis 18 - 18 Peter Siddall (unfinished)

    Paddy Chapman lost Harry Fisher -26tp

    Omied Hallam bt Tim Russell +4


    John Davis lost Chris Roberts -6

    Richard White bt Peter Siddall +25tp

    Paddy Chapman/Omied Hallam bt Harry Fisher/Tim Russell +20


    In order to set a good example, Nottingham and Roehampton agreed to play their first round match at Nottingham on Sunday April 8th, home advantage having been awarded to Nottingham as the result of a coin toss in New Zealand during the World Championships. Given that the work on the Nottingham pavilions was being masterminded by a major contractor that ceased to exist in January, this proved a trifle optimistic. At the last minute Roehampton kindly agreed to host the match which did indeed take place on the agreed date. The lawns at Roehampton were in excellent condition and amazingly quick given the recent long cold monsoon season we have been experiencing. The hospitality was excellent with particular thanks to John Pearson, Roehampton’s non-playing captain and Frances Coleman, who explained the complicated technicalities of the hot water machine to anyone wanting to use it.


    What about the croquet? A tight match was won by Nottingham 4-2 with one of the morning singles unfinished and not needed to decide the result of the match. Peter Siddall and I drew 18-18. It is the first time I have ever drawn a game of croquet. Without doubt the best performance of the day went to Harry Fisher who beat Paddy Chapman with a 6th turn tp. Something to tell his children and grandchildren about! Richard White also completed a tp against Peter Siddall.


    Now the Nottingham team knows how to drive through London we can plan for our visit to Surbiton in the next round!



    John Davis

  • Nottingham beat Bowdon 4-2 (GC Inter-Club)

    Monday 2nd April 2018
    Nottingham were successful in beating Bowdon in the 1st round of the GC Inter-Club
    Bowdon Names first:-
    Alan Mayne lost to Ian Burridge 7-6, 3-7, 3-7
    Graham Good lost to James Death 5-7, 7-6, 7-1
    Brian Storey beat Richard Bilton 4-7, 7-4, 7-5
    Frank Moir beat Euan Burridge 3-7, 7-6, 7-5
    Graham Good and Alan Mayne lost to Ian Burridge and James Death 0-7, 5-7
    Brian Storey lost to Euan Burridge 6-7, 7-6, 3-7
    Frank Moir unfinished Richard Bilton 3-7, 7-5
    Bowdon 2 Nottingham 4
  • Paddy Chapman won AC World Championship Final

    Three members of the club: Ian Burridge, Paddy Chapman and James Death, played in the WCF AC World Championship at Wellington, New Zealand.  All three qualified from the blocks for the 32-player knock-out; Paddy and James got through to the last 16, but Ian lost in straight games.  Paddy progressed to the quarter finals, after a tight match against David Maloof, who was the runner up last time it was held, but James Death lost to the Spaniard, Jose Riva.

    In the quarter-finals, Paddy Chapman beat Samir Patel by three matches to one and in the semi-final beat Stephen Mulliner 3-2, to reach the final for the second time.  He played Reg Bamford, whom he beat on the way to the final in 2013, where he lost to Robert Fletcher. 

    The final was played in uncharacteristically warm, wet and misty weather for Wellington, though a northerly wind sprung up with some heavier showers in the afternoon. It was played at the Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club, along with the finals of the consolation events.

    A close contest ensured, with Paddy winning the first game +7 after Reg had broken down on a Sextuple and Paddy had failed a Triple Peel. The remaining games were more clinical. Reg won the next two games +26tp, and had the first ball round, to 4-Back this time, in the final two games. However, on each occasion Paddy shot at and hit the ball at the peg with his lift, went to 4-Back himself, and finished with a triple after Reg had missed. He thus won the Wimbledon Cup, which is to be loaned to the All England Club for the exhibition to celebrate their 150th anniversary this year. also means that he and Miranda are a rare example of a couple who are both reigning World Champions, as she won the Women's AC Championship when it was played at their home club, Nottingham, in 2015.

    In the consolation events, Greg Fletcher of Australia beat James Death in the final of the Shield, after James broke down in a valiant attempt at a sextuple while the rain was at its heaviest. Jonathan Powe won the Bowl, beating Stuat Lawrence of the USA in straight games, and Stephen Morgan, also of the USA, took the Plate, with Alain Giraud getting very little play.

    The event, which was enlivened by a number of upcoming younger players, was played in an excellent spirit, which rewarded the generousity and hard work put in by the members of the host clubs. The baton was handed to Australia, who are expected to host the next Championship in Melbourne in 2020.

    If you want to read more about the organisation of the event (and particularly the profiles of many of the players) go to

    The full results and commentary are available at


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