• Website updates

    This website has been considerably updated, with the intention of making it more enticing to newcomers, more accessible, more visual and better organised. It has a similar look and feel, but with the content updated, reworded (to be less formal) and better illustrated, and a new menu structure. The old “Navigation” menu is replaced by two menus: the “Journey” menu, which entices us from first discovering croquet towards visiting, learning, joining, enjoying and supporting the club, and a more factual “Information” menu. Most material for members (such as lawn booking) is under “Enjoy” in the Journey menu.

    When you log on as “Member” (the password is in your Members’ Handbook) you will also see a third menu of information restricted to members only – e.g. minutes of meetings, club finances, strategy etc.

    We have added a new section called “Advice” where we will be providing a curated collection of (we hope) useful documents. To start with it covers a few areas such as double banking etiquette, entering your first tournament etc. We plan to write or commission more articles, so please ask if you’d like something covered. If anyone with more knowledge of GC than me would like to suggest new articles or changes to existing ones, that would be very welcome. 

    If you have any feedback or critique or thoughts for further improvements, please contact me and I’ll do what I can. (It may not always be possible to please everyone – one person’s meat is another’s poison – but we’ll try our best). Many thanks to those who have already provided extensive input and feedback.

    Finally the site will have to be completely reorganised next winter, when its technical foundation (“Drupal 7”) goes out of support. We may also move it to new servers. If anyone with relevant technical expertise may be willing to help, do please speak to me or Ian Vincent, or Nicky Newbery our volunteer coordinator.

    Rob Edlin-White (Communications Officer)


  • More pavilion refurbishment photos

    Work in progress, and looking good. 

    (1) New stud & plasterboard wall of accessible loo on the left, elecrically opening door ahead.
    (2) Cornicing being added to match the existing ones.
    (3) Electric dooor opening mechanism.
    (4) New Gents' changing room with mallet rails (but not yet hooks) installed. (Some of the woodwork is crafted from a former mahogany door frame which was removed). 

  • Uninvited visitors

    Sadly it appears that we are still getting groups visiting the site occasionaly, loitering (in probably an illegal gathering) in the lawn 5 hut, drinking, littering and causing some limited damage to lawns and huts. The police and PCSO are aware, and with the help of the CCTV we hope they may be caught and apprehended soon. If you encounter univited guests on the site indulging in antisocial behaviour, please do not approach them but instead alert the authorities. 

  • Security enhancements

    We have recently installed cctv to cover both the eastern and western lawns, mainly for security purposes, following some antisocial behaviour by unwelcome visitors. 

    Our cctv policy has been added to the policies page

    Don't worry - images of members and others playing here are not going to be broadcast to the world! 

  • Pavilions redevelopment work

    Following the club's new lease, which now covers both pavilions and the adjoining long-disused public toilets, we have pursued a programme of development projects to make the facilities more appropriate, accessible and attractive for members and the wider community. The third major project involves refurbishing the (grade II listed) pavilions and toilets, to make both pavilions not only more spacious but also more accessible, useful, comfortable, hygienic and welcoming.  

    Thanks to grant funding from The Wesleyan Foundation, Magic Little Grants, and Sport England, as well as all who donated to our Triple-a-Peel crowdfunder, together with pledges from members, legacies and savings, we are now able to fund this project. We are very pleased to announce that we have now accepted a tender, and construction work will commence on Monday 18th January. All being well it will be complete before the beginning of the season in early April. We are hugely grateful to Alex McIntyre who has contributed his professional skills, vision and energy throughout this process and will be project managing the construction work. 

    All club equipment and members' property left at the club has been moved into secure storage for the duration of the works. The current government lockdown to reduce COVID-19 transmission is preventing winter play at present so we have not made provision for alternative equipment storage and toilets. If play becomes possible before the work is complete we will review this. 

    The fundraising has been a major achievement during the financial turbulence of the pandemic year of 2020, and we are grateful to all mentioned above. There are still some remaining areas where further expenditure is needed to enable club members and the wider public to take full advantage of the wonderful facilities we can now offer.

    We look forward to being able to enjoy a great 2021 season of "Croquet for All" with the benefit of these enhanced facilities. 

    Here are a few photos of some of the (nearly) cleared rooms and some showing the need for refurbishment.  










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