• Nottingham reach finals of Longman Cup

    Longman Cup Quarter-Final (played at Cheltenham Sunday 15th September 2013 and report by Paul Hands)

    Nottingham beat Bristol 4-3 (Nottingham names first)

    Bob Thompson & Nigel Hames-Keward(8) lost to Bob Scott & Marian Hilton (8.5) -12 (14-26)
    Dan Greenaway (9) beat Jill Hathaway (11) +10 (26-16)
    Ian Draper (20) beat Deirdrie Duggan (11) +15 (26-11)

    Bob Thompson (3.5) lost to Marian Hilton -12 (14-26)
    Nigel Hames-Keward (4.5) beat Bob Scott (4.5) +19 (26-7)
    Dan Greenaway (9) lost to Deirdrie Duggan (11) -13 (13-26)
    Ian Draper (20) beat Jill Hathaway (11) +5T (22-17)

    On a wet and windy day at Cheltenham, the result of a really well contested match all came down to the last game, being played far away from the Clubhouse on lawn 4, where Nottingham's Ian Draper (sitting apparently comfortably on peg and penult) was leading by a long way, only for Bristol's Jill Hathaway (little by little) to fight her way back into it, but she was eventually thwarted by time ...

    Nottingham will now face Southport in the Sem-Final, to be played at Surbiton on Saturday 5th October, with Woking to face either Watford or Enfield in the other.

  • Nottingham reach final of Murphy Shield

    A Nottingham team beat Tyneside 4-3 at the half-way venue of Ripon Spa Hotel to reach the final of the Golf Croquet Inter-Club Shield (the Murphy Shield) against Watford.  Arrangements for the final have yet to be made, but it is due to be played at a neutral venue.

    Ian Vincent & Patricia Duke-Cox bt John Moore and Colin Green 6-7, 7-3, 7-2
    Eileen Buxton bt Colin McDonald 7-4, 4-7, 7-4
    Kath Wright bt Alison Heywood-Hill 7-2, 7-2

    Ian Vincent bt John Moore 7-3, 7-2
    Patricia Duke-Cox lost to Colin Green 4-7, 7-4, 1-7
    Kath Wright lost to Colin McDonald 4-7, 5-7
    Eileen Buxton lost to Alison Heywoard-Hill 5-7, 1-7

  • Cheltenham beat Nottingham B in Inter-Club

    Cheltenham have beaten Nottingham A 4-1 in one semi-final of the AC Inter-Club competition.  Our other team play Colchester at Nottingham on Sunday 22nd September, to meet Cheltenham in the final.

    The results, with Cheltenham names first, were: 

    Chris Williams & Sarah Burrow beat Keith Aiton & Richard White +25tp(W)
    Chris Williams lost to Keith Aiton -26tp(5)
    Sarah Burrow beat Richard White +20tp

    Dave Kibble beat Martin Beacon +3
    David Foulser beat Ailsa Lines +11

    The remaining two games were not played.

  • Nottingham beat Ashby to reach final of Secretary's Shield

    Omied Hallam reports as follows:

    Ashby Team

    Nick Mounfield -1.5
    Arthur Rowe 2 (C)
    Derek Buxton 10
    Judith Rowe 20


    Nottingham Team

    Omied Hallam 1.5 (C)
    Roger Berkeley 9
    Judith Moore 18
    Ian Draper 20



    Ashby hosted Nottingham in a Semi Final of the Secretary Shield competition. In the morning Ashby took the first win in a quick victory in the doubles +23. In the two singles games Ian Draper won the next game +19, having a lovely first ball break using 4 bisques. In the battle of the Judiths, with Judith Rowe playing her first ever AC game it was a close match all the way through with Judith Moore taking a lead at the end of the game winning it +8T. Going into Lunch Nottingham where 2-1 up with all to play for.

    The afternoons games started with Omied hitting on 4th ball and going around without using a bisques and leaving himself 3 for the 2nd ball after a miss from Nick. Omied finished the game off quickly, winning +26 in 36 mins, giving Nottingham only one more game to win to get to a 3rd Secretary Shield final in a row. In the other game on lawn 1 Roger managed to get the ball wedged in hoop 1 and after some investigation realised the ball was larger than all the other and swapped it for a ball in another set. It was a nice close match but Arthur managed a victory for Ashby +3. With Ian Draper winning comfortably +24 it left Judith to finish the day off with a win for Nottingham +11 giving Nottingham a 5/2 win and chance to defend their title against Enfield in the final


    Detailed Results

    Nick Mounfield & Arthur Rowe bt Omied Hallam & Roger Berkeley +23
    Judith Rowe lost to Judith Moore -8T
    Derek Buxton lost to Ian Draper -19

    Nick Mounfield lost to Omied Hallam -26
    Arthur Rowe bt Roger Berkeley +3
    Derek Buxton lost to Judith Moore -11
    Judith Rowe lost to Ian Draper -24

  • Nottingham reach Mary Rose final

    Our Mary Rose team beat Wrest Park in a very evenly balanced match, to play Hurlingham in the final at Surbiton on Saturday 5th October.  The doubles and Omied Hallam's singles finished quickly in our favour, but Peter Death's morning game was pegged down at lunchtime, with him two hoops ahead.   We only took one of the afternoon singles, to level the match at 3-3, so the game was resumed, in rather damp conditions, with everything hanging on it.  Peter got to peg and peg, with his opponent still for 1-B and 4-B, but elected to roll to the peg and peg one ball out, thus foregoing his lifts, rather than play a drive and keep both balls on if the forward ball missed (the line favoured by his son!).  His opponent hit, and, between several close shots at the peg, reached 3-B and Rover before getting cross-wired, giving Peter a chance lag up to the peg. 

    Ian Vincent & Richard Huxley bt Brian Harral & David Marsh +17
    Omied Hallam bt Tim Brewer +19
    Peter Death bt John Bevington +7

    Ian Vincent bt Brian Harral +20
    Richard Huxley lost to David Marsh -16
    Omied Hallam lost to John Bevington -22
    Peter Death lost to Tim Brewer -5


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