• World Championship Update

    As far as I can see at the end of the block stage of the AC World Championships in Adelaide, three of our five members playing in the field of 80 qualified for the knockout stage: Miranda Chapman, Paddy Chapman and James Death;  Ian Lines will be involved in a play-off; and Keith Aiton just failed to make the cut.

    Update on Tuesday: Ian Lines won his play-off against Greg Bryant and so qualified for the main knockout.  In the first round, Miranda plays Rutger Beijderwellen, Paddy playes Simon Hockey, James plays Brian Cumming and Ian plays Jenny Clarke.

    Update on Wednesday: Miranda beat Rutger and James beat Brian, but Paddy and Ian lost.  Still, two in the last 16 isn't bad!

    Update on Thursday: Sadly, thats as far as we got.  James lost 3-2 to Simon Hockey (who I think is Australian) and Miranda
    3-1 to Stephen Forster, also from the host country.  The quarter-final lineup is Reg Bamford v Stephen Forster,  Simon Hockey v James Hopgood,  Robert  Fletcher v Samir Patel and Malcolm Fletcher v Marcus Evans.  Meanwhile, Keith seems to have won his block in the plate, but I can't find the draw for the plate knockout yet.

    Full results are available on the Croquet Scores website.

  • Dan Greenaway won One-Ball

    Dan Greenaway was undefeated on 5/5 in the one-ball tournament for the Hansen trophy on Saturday, 27th April.  Rachel Rowe was runner-up on 4/5, in a good entry of 20 players, raising £100 for the Breast Cancer campaign.  Peter Death managed the event, and Linda, Peter and Roger Berkeley provided a welcome tea.

    The full results were:

    Dan Greenaway55100%
    Rachel Rowe4580%
    Michael O Brien3475%
    Martin Wroughton4667%
    Ian Dovey4667%
    Bob Thompson3560%
    Lawrence Whittaker3560%
    Don Martin3560%
    Ray Mountfield3560%
    Arthur Rowe3650%
    Omied Hallam3743%
    Michael Finnigan2540%
    Derek Buxton2540%
    Richard Sanville2540%
    Cliff Daniel2540%
    Mick Haytack2633%
    Peter Death1425%
    Sue Wileman1425%
    Eileen Buxton1520%
    Roger Berkeley040%


  • Town v Gown match report

    The match was won by Nottingham Croquet Club 20-0 (119 hoops - 46 hoops),
    earning a valuable point for the Town side - the overall Town v Gown
    competition ended in a draw - 6 wins to each side and 2 draws.
    The University fielded an inexperienced but enthusiastic team, all of whom
    were eager and quick to learn, showing a great imrovement over the course
    of the afternoon.  It is hoped that this will become and annual event and
    I'm sure next year's match will be a lot closer!

    Nottm Team - Omied, Cathy, Pam, Derek Blow & Margaret

    Club members and students in play on the Bowling Greens

    Report by Cathy Turski.  Picture by Rachel Rowe.




  • Miranda and Paddy Married

    Congratulations to Miranda Morgan and Paddy Champman, who were married on Thursday 26th April in Adelaide, Miranda's home town, two days before the start of the World Championship there.  The photo below was taken by Ian Lines.

    Picture of Miranda and Pady in their wedding outfits.

  • Town v Gown match

    A match as part of the University of Nottingham's Olympic inspired Town v Gown sporting event is being held at the club this Saturday morning at 11 am.  It might just attract some visitors, so if anyone is, or can get, down, please make them welcome.  There are introductory leaflets available on the bar cupboard.  Cathy Turski is organising our team and Hew Williams the students.  There is further information available on the University Blog Site.

    A reminder that the one-ball event follows in the afternoon: you are requested to wear something pink in recognition of support for the Breast Cancer Campaign.  Peter Death is organising this, but you can just turn up and play from 2pm.


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