Jim Kirby Cup Report

Jim Kirby Tournament 15th Sept 2018 at Nottingham – Report by Patricia Duke-Cox

The Jim Kirby Cup attracted a field of ten new players this year with the delight that Jim Kirby’s grandson, Ben Hargreaves from the Caversham CC, was one of the players and was using Jim’s mallet. He, and his family, also generously sponsored the day by providing for the catering costs and the prizes. All players had a handicap of 22 and were in their first or second year of playing Association Croquet. All were given 10 bisques for the 14-point game played on full size courts.

There were four games to be played and a Swiss format was used. The first-round players were drawn at random by last year’s winner, Paul McGuire, who supported the manager, Patricia Duke-Cox throughout the day.

As the day progressed it was interesting to note that after the first round the players tended to use all their bisques, this being a full bisque event.

The winner, with 4 wins and 30 nett hoops, was Mike Hedge who beat Roger Watson +2 on time. The fastest game was completed in 37 minutes in round 3 between Mike and Nigel Akers.

The support offered by members at the beginning of the day, including the club’s President Ian Vincent, was much appreciated as was the catering by Lorna Orton for lunch and tea.

The final order of success was: Mike Hedges, Roger Watson, Jeff Moore, Ben Hargreaves, Nigel Akers, Julieann/Bob team, Debbie Watson, Irmgard Finnigan and Roger Whiting with grateful thanks to Nicky Newberry and her participation.