"Roll up" sessions

Club roll-up sessions are slots when lawns are booked for club play but not for specific individuals. Members may "roll up" in these timeslots and organise croquet games (whether AC, GC, SC, 1-ball, ricochet or even informal games such as Pirates) with anyone who is waiting. If lawns are all in use or no-one is waiting, you may like to socialise over a beverage (or do something worthy and useful) until a game is available. Tuesday afternoons and evenings will have Club roll-up sessions based at the west pavilion and mainly the west lawns. Pre-COVID, this was the most popular and cohesive regular club activity, and we hope it will rapidly become so again. There is also provision for club roll-ups on Wednesdays which will be expanded if they prove popular. 

Hosted roll-up sessions are slots mainly for the benefit of newer members, when an established member will be available to set up lawn equipment, organise games, answer questions about the rules or how to do strokes, and perhaps give informal coaching or support. We are planning "after work" hosted roll-up sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings throughout the season. This of course depends on volunteers being available to host the sessions.

On Thursday evenings, Cathy Turski is planning to provide GC coaching sessions, from 4pm to 8pm, again mainly for the benefit of newer members. These are not actually roll-ups; places should be booked in advance with Cathy.