Croquet tournaments are an excellent way to hone your skills and learning, enjoy the ambience of a club at its best, and get to know players from other clubs in a convivial yet competitive atmosphere. Catering and liquid refreshments are usually on offer. Most tournaments are weekends but some are longer. Nottingham's flagship "Annual Tournament" lasts for six days and has been going since the club was founded. For most tournaments it is good etiquette (and for a few, required protocol) to wear "predominately white" clothing. We hope many of our members will enjoy tournament play, either at our own club, or perhaps sometimes travelling to other clubs around the country. 

The Croquet Association website provides details of many tournaments at clubs around the country, and for most provides an online entry form. You can also enter tournaments by sending an entry form to the relevant club's tournament secretary. James Death is our tournament secretary. 

As a club we host a range of tournaments each year, partly for the benefit of our own members who might prefer not to travel and stay away for tournament play, partly to engage in the wider croquet world, and partly because tournaments generate revenue for the club (from fees, catering and refreshments) and help to keep our subscription rates affordable. 

Players visiting our tournaments may find this page useful. 

In 2022, at the time of writing, we plan to host the following tournaments:

The two marked * are internal club tournaments for our own members only; the others are promoted nationally by the Croquet Association on its fixtures calendar and will attract players from other clubs. 

Most tournaments start at 9:30 am. The number of lawns required is an estimate, and will depend on entries. More up to date information will be available on the club calendar and the lawn booking system. 

Sometimes during tournaments, one or two lawns may become free after tea time, but it cannot be guaranteed. Always consult the tournament manager before occupying an empty-looking lawn. 

Directions and information about food, drink and accommodation are available for Tournament Visitors.