• AC Coaching

    July 2nd - 6pm. Moving from Handicap to Level and Advanced Play- An Introduction to the Basics.  Derek Blow will be running this session.

    On Tuesday July 9th - Revisiting the 4 Ball Break. Derek Blow will be running a 2 hour session from 6pm. This is a short course for the 22-18 handicap player who has been playing Association Croquet for a while and hasn't quite mastered the concept of the 4 ball break. The course will include shot revision, positional play for pilots and pivots and using bisques. 

    For the 10 -18 Handicap player John Davis will be running an Improvers coaching programme covering 4 ball breaks, Croquet strokes, Openings and endings and taking and giving bisques. Dates and times have yet to be arranged and will be determined by the group and John. If you would like to sign up can you send your name and contact details to John (contact info in the handbook or via the Enquiries tab).

    For those with a handicap of 3 or under Paddy Chapman will be running sessions on 17th and 20th August at 6:30pm.

    Don't forget that Viv Staley has a course running (from 9th June) on Sunday mornings for AC beginners and those who started playing in the last year or so. The course is running for 5 weeks and is held from 9:30-12:30pm (N.B. 23/6 t.b.c. as there is a tournament taking place). Contact Viv with the dates you are able to attend.


  • Sage Bowl Winner

    The winner of the Sage Bowl, Nottingham's B Level tournament played on June 2nd, was Brian Havill (Watford). Brian beat Paul Castell +11 in the final.

  • Lawns not available this weekend

    Please note that all lawns are in use this weekend, 1st -2nd June, for a full field of 27 at the B Level AC Tournament managed by Richard White. A great opportunity to come along and see croquet being played. 

  • Croquet for School Children - A new project at NCC

    The croquet club is excited to announce a new scheme introducing Years 5,6,7, and 8 pupils from five local schools to the game. During the week commencing 3rd June coaches from the club will be going into local schools and offering an Introduction to Mallet Sports. Up to 400 children will have the opportunity to play croquet during these sessions. All participants will receive a certificate. We are looking forward to delivering sessions at the following schools. 

    The Lanes - Beeston, George Spencer - Stapleford, Roundhill School, Beeston, Chilwell School, Chilwell and John Clifford School, Beeston. 

    Following these introductions we shall be running an after-school "Mallet Sports" club at the Nottingham Croquet Club on Thursday afternoons from 4pm-6pm. These will take place from 13th June to 18th July. Please contact the club through the website "Enquiries" to find out more. Participants will also be invited to come and watch the Under 21 World Golf Croquet Championship taking place at the club from 20-24th July.  


  • Peels Tournament Report

    The Nottingham club were proud to host for the 6th consecutive year the Memorial Peels tournament. The 2019 Peels, 9-12th May started in rather cold and damp weather with players wearing waterproofs, woolly hats, scarves and gloves initially, luckily the weather gradually improved with Sunday's play in glorious sunny conditions. Heavy, thundery rain on Friday teatime curtailed play when the lawns were unplayable.
    The tournament attracted 7 ladies and 19 men, from 7 clubs, with handicaps ranging from -1 to 22, fortunately, plenty of new bisques had been made during the winter for such an event. 
    Several players were playing in their first CA event, the games were played in a friendly but competitive spirit. There were numerous mini coaching sessions after the completion of some games where an experienced player thought that an inexperienced opponent might have fared better taking a different line of play, indeed this proved invaluable for one player in one of his next games, who later thanked his 'coach' for his instruction in getting a corner ball back into play and went onto peg out.
    The winners, with Croquet Association Vice-President Patricia Duke-Cox, who presented the trophies.
    Handicap Mixed doubles, (knockout) - The Lady Murray Silver Challenge Cups
    Ian Vincent/Diana Plant (h/c 10, Nottm) beat Mark Lansdale/Ferzana Shan (h/c 17, Nottm ) +3T
    Experience told in the final of the mixed doubles, though it was a very close run thing.  Both pairs, were new to the event, but Ian had been playing handicap doubles for many years longer than the other three combined. 
    With 7 1/2 bisques, Ferzana & Mark made early progress, Mark was most of the way round when they finally ran out. Ian had yet to start, but was comforted that Diana was a hoop ahead of Ferzana. It should have been plain sailing from there, but Ian repeatedly broke down in what should have been decisive breaks, being unable to resist the temptation of peeling. 
    With a minute to go, the score was level with Ferzana laid up by her hoop, but a hit-in led to a three hoop lead and a leave which proved sufficiently defensive, despite Ferzana hitting the last shot.
    Handicap Singles (Base 10)
    Both the mens and ladies singles games were played as a flexible swiss with the top four players in play-offs on the final day.
    Ladies - The Peel Memorial Silver Challenge Bowl 
    Wendy Spencer-Smith (h/c 22, Watford) beat Sue Wileman (h/c 11, Nottm) +13 in the final.
    The ladies final began with Wendy confidently running hoops, using her bisques to good effect. Sue countered making some progress but allowed Wendy to forge further ahead when a missed roquet ended her turn. Sue managed to get a break together when she broke down at 2 back, Wendy was able to keep ahead and finally pegged out just within time.
    In the play-offs, Wendy beat Diana Plant (h/c 20, Nottm) +13, Sue beat Patricia Duke-Cox (h/c 12, Nottm & Pinchbeck) +6T.
    Men - The Peel Memorial Silver Challenge Bowl
    Mike Hedge (h/c 14, Nottm) beat Alex McIntyre (h/c 8, Nottm) +10 in the final. 
    Early play saw both players having good spells on the lawn, Mike eventually taking his first ball to peg, but then stalled when he had a problem in running hoop 2 on more than one occasion with his second ball. Alex also took his first ball to peg and took the opportunity to peg out Mike's first ball. Alex being a couple of hoops behind Mike then took the chance of playing a 3 ball break, edging into a slender lead. As throughout the tournament, Mike was hitting in across the lawn and ultimately won +10. 
    Alex had at least made Mike use all his bisques, quite an achievement in itself, as Mike had won all of his eleven games in the tournament, several +26 with bisques standing and most well within the 3 hour time!
    Earlier, in the play-offs, Mike beat Michael Finnigan (h/c 3, Nottm) +14 and Alex beat Andrew Beaumont (h/c 8, Nottm) +20T.
    Mike Hedge and Gordon Mills (h/c 14, Pinchbeck), both in their first CA tournament, were awarded their Bronze Merit Award.
    Friday just happened to be Mike's birthday, when he calmly scalped Alex +20, Omied Hallam +26 and the manager +26 in double quick time!
    For his endeavours, Mike's handicap has been cut to 8.
    The CA's National Croquet Day, held on Sunday, attracted some 75 members of the public, several were able to watch the Peels competition in progress.
    Once again, many thanks to club members for providing ample good fayre for everyone.
    Bob Thompson




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