• Borehole update

    The borehole pump has now been connected to a starter switch in the pantry, which in turn is wired back to a new circuit on the distribution board.  It is now operational for manual use ... but given the weather in June we needn't have rushed!

    The pictures below were taken on the day the drillers returned to complete their part of the work ,,,

    ... with a digger to create manholes for the wellhead and flowmeter.

    Attaching the pump to the downpipe.

    A close-up of the pump and its cable.

    Tying on the cable.

    Lowering it down the hole ... with some rope to haul it back up if necessary!

    The manhole with the flow meter and the outlet for connecting a hose.

    Nothing yet!

    Success with a generator to power the pump.

    The cable buried in sand to connect up to power in the pavilion.


  • Nottingham B beat Hurlingham 4-3 in Inter-Club

    We narrowly kept our interest in the Inter-Club alive by beating Hurlingham 4-3 in windy conditions before the deluge last night.  Ian Lines won the deciding match, finishing from 4-Back and peg.  We play Colchester in the 2nd round.

    The full results, as reported on the CA website, were:

    Ian Lines & Debbie Cornelius lost to Gabrielle Higgins & Dayal Gunasekera -4
    Ailsa Lines beat Richard Hoskyns +4
    Sanaa Hallam lost to Bob Stephens -5

    Ian Lines beat Gabrielle Higgins +17
    Debbie Cornelius lost to Dayal Gunasekera -18
    Ailsa Lines beat Bob Stephens +10
    Sanaa Hallam beat Richard Hoskyns +26

  • Club members win both Mens and Womens

    James Death won the AC Mens Championship, beating Stephen Mulliner with three Sextuples in the final, and Ailsa Lines the Womens.  Ailsa also won the mixed doubles with David Maugham.  Congratulations to both of them.


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