• Triple-aPeel - great progress

    Fantastic news! Half way through our campaign and we have reached nearly £27,000 (including a grant of £10,000 from Sport England which arrived sooner than expected) from our total target of £30,000. And we've had support from croquet players from all over the world, from our local MP and councillor, from local communities and businesses, groups who have used our facilities, from our own members and from their contacts, friends, colleagues and families. Many thanks to all.

    Our campaign goes on.

    As well as the work to improve, adapt and refurbish the two pavilions we have recently created 4 full-size croquet courts and a half sized one on the old bowling greens. So in due source we will need more hoops, balls and stop-boards for the new lawns and shelters for players.

    We have a good supply of club mallets, but on Open Days and with larger groups we simply do not have enough, particularly when no-one is permitted to share one with covid restrictions. Our junior section could do with a greater range of sizes and in addition, many of our club mallets were purchased in the 1970s so are approaching 50 years old! There have been many repairs in that time.

    So any extra funding raised from this campaign will be put to good use, providing the finishing touches to the pavilions, equipping our new lawns, putting up huts and buying some extra club mallets.

    Thankyou to everyone who has supported, and is continuing to support, the work we are doing at Nottingham Croquet Club to make our sport truly ‘Croquet for All’.

    Club members - as well as your own generous contributions, we would still love you all to encourage your contacts, colleagues, feiends, neighbours or family to visit the site and to make - even small - contributions. Having evidence of widespread interest and support will be invaluable in so many ways, including raising the profile of the game locally. We would be very pleased if every member could find three contributors.

    Members who have already pledged money for the pavilion works - please be guided by emails from Ian Vincent as to the most appropriate method and timing to make your contributions. 

  • Lawns closed during lockdown 5/11/2020 to 2/12/2020

    The UK government has announced a 4 week lockdown across the whole of England from 5/11/2020 to 2/12/2020 including closure of venues for indoor and outdoor sports. 

    The Croquet Association (and national bodies for other outdoor sports) have been in discussion with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to make a case for remaining open, but to no avail. Accordingly, the Croquet Association have issued guidance that all clubs in England should be closed for the duration.

    As a committee we are very aware that being able to play croquet during the earlier lockdown - once it was allowed - was something of a lifeline to many of our members, when so many other activities were impossible. However the terms of the current lockdown make it impossible for us to make any provision for play which is safe and legal.  Accordingly the club is closed for play between 5/11/2020 and 2/12/2020 inclusive. 

    We are also keenly aware of our duties as custodians of high quality lawns for the long term, and therefore pleased to note that lawn maintenance work can continue. The lockdown period should enable some vital but delayed autumn maintenance work to be completed and give the turf chance to recover. 

    Sadly most of our winter programme of social activities bridge, board games, meals, rambles etc) are on hold too. Watch this space. 

    We hope to be able to allow some winter croquet play when the lockdown ends. In the meantime, we hope our members, while unable to play at the club,  will still be able to enjoy the benefits of fresh air, and mild exercise walking in pleasant surroundings in public places and parks. Keep safe and well, and hope to see you when circumstances permit. 


    P.S. Please also remember our "Triple-a-Peel" crowd funding campaign.

  • Triple aPeel crowdfunder off to a good start

    Thanks to some generous donors, our "Triple aPeel" campaign has raised 10% of our target (in both funds and donor numbers)  in the first 24 hours. Donations so far (including estimated Gift Aid) exceed £2000.

    Thanks so very much to all who have supported us and/or invited others to support us. 

    Do please help us keep this campaign on track by sharing the link far and wide with people who may be interested and willing to donate. 



  • Triple aPeel crowdfunder launched

    Triple aPeel

    Nottingham Croquet Club crowdfunding campaign



    "Making Croquet accessible to all"

    The club's "Triple aPeel" crowd-funding campaign was successfully launched at noon on Tuesday 3rd November 2020, and runs until the end of November. We are seeking to raise at least £20,000 and to attract support from at least 200 donors. If we acheive this then Sport England will top up with an extra £10,000 grant. The funds will be used for the third of our development projects, to refurbish the old bowls pavilion to make it more welcoming, usable and accessible for all. It really needs it - check out the video on the link. 

    Club members - do please if you can make a contribution yourself - large or small - and pass on the message to anyone you know who might like to support it. You will shortly get an email with some text and images you may wish to share with friends, family, neighbours, colleagues etc. Please aim to attract 3 donations and we will be well on course for success. (Members who have already pledged contributions towards the pavilion refurbishment - please await advice from Ian Vincent by email for the most effective way to contribute).

    Other readers - you are warmly invited to consider supporting this fine initiative. There are a number of interesting "rewards" available for donors which you may wish to take up. 


    Click here for more details or to make a donation.


    Thank you to everyone who will support this appeal




  • Peter Death awarded the Bernard Neal Award

    At the Croquet Association's AGM on Saturday 17th October, Nottingham Croquet Club member and former Chairman and President, Peter Death was awarded the Bernard Neal Award for exceptional services to croquet. 

    The official citation is below.

    The photo shows Peter presenting the Ladies' Singles trophy to a delighted Sophie McGlen. 

    Many congratulations to Peter, and many thanks for his huge contribution to our own club over so many years. 


    = = =


    Peter Death discovered croquet in 1975 by stopping to watch play in the August tournament at Nottingham while walking round the lake as a student. He joined the club and rapidly developed into an A class player. Before his career with the then Inland Revenue took him away from Nottingham in 1981 he had already been recruited as club Treasurer from 1977. He encouraged his son James to play with a cut-down mallet on the triangle between lawns 1 and 2. He remained a member of Nottingham, but was also a member at Bowdon, Southport and Shrewsbury as his postings took him around the country. When Peter returned full-time to the Nottingham club in 1989 he held various offices including Chairman and President for some years.

    During this time he developed a keen interest in tournament management, becoming one of the relatively few with the capacity to handle multi-event week long tournaments, showing abundant patience and consideration for the players in them. He has managed the Nottingham Week for many years, using an updated version of software originally developed for the purpose by Ian Vincent, and also major International Events, including a MacRobertson Shield Test Match, Womens AC World Championship, and was Tournament Director for the U21 GC World Championship.

    Peter also quickly qualified as a referee, was appointed an examining referee in the 1980s and is a long-standing member of the AC Laws Committee.

    He was elected to the CA Council in 2010 and chaired the Development Committee for four years. Peter Death succeeded Roger Bray as Hon. Treasurer of the CA in 2014 and saw Council through a time of significant change with the introduction of Standard Membership. Not only was he a reliable bookkeeper, but he helped develop software to import data from the membership database, tournament entry and shop systems into the accounting package, Sage. He was also a source of wise counsel both on strategic financial matters and a valued member of the Executive Committee. As ever, with the interests of the CA at heart, he decided to retire from office while still in a position to effect a good hand-over, making this an appropriate time to recognise his outstanding contribution to croquet and its governing body.


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