Teams & captains for inter-club matches

Croquet tournaments offer the opportunity to play competitively as an individual, whereas in matches you are part of a team representing your club, county or country. 

As a club we enter teams into several regional and national knockout Association and Golf Croquet competitions against other clubs, which are played over the course of a season in home and away venues at dates agreed between the two team captains. Typically a match involves 4 players from each team meeting at a home or away venue, with each team member playing either two singles games or one singles and one doubles. Team captains will identify a squad at the start of the season, and invite members of the squad to form a team for each round, depending on availability. 

The various team competitions have different criteria for team selection (e.g. based on handicap range). In general you don't need to announce your availability and willingness to play; so long as your contact details and handicap are correct in the club handbook, the captain will contact you if they'd like you to be in a team. 

For 2022 our club team captains are as follows: 

Association Croquet

  • Inter-club: John Davis
  • Mary Rose: Alex Mcintyre
  • Longman Cup : Mark Lansdale
  • Short Croquet: David Brydon
  • East Midlands Federation 26pt league: Mark Lansdale
  • East Midlands Federation 14pt league: Ellen Gee

Golf Croquet

  • Inter-club: Ian Burridge
  • Murphy Shield: tba
  • East Midlands Federation league (3 teams): Diana Plant, Cathy Turski and Viv Staley

If you are eligible to play at county level for Nottinghamshire, James Death may be in touch. Nottinghamshire has a strong county team. 

The Croquet Association Selection Committee will be in touch if your playing records suggests they may want to invite you to play in Internationals.